High Lifter Proving Grounds, Powered by Polaris

Phase 1 is complete with trail upgrades. Major over hauls on the trails helped get them ready for a fun season of heavy duty mud-riding. If you have a Polaris High Lifter Edition or a bike that you’ve built to be mud ready, then we’ve got the mud holes for you! If you want to have fun, and prefer to run stock, we’ve got go-arounds at almost every hole. The park trails and challenges were designed by Scott Smith, himself, aka Outlaw 550. Everyone can ride everywhere! Let’s Prove it!

Want to know where you are while riding at the park, download our new HL Proving Grounds App and use the interactive map to find your way around trails and mud holes. Park-App---Download---Social-MediaGetting stuck can be fun, if you are with friends, especially friends with winches. All unit recovery is the responsibility of the rider. If you are unable to free your bike and are riding alone, which we advise against, direct message us on our Facebook Page to let us know your unit is still at the park. We will make arrangements to let you into the park the next day to retrieve your unit. Make sure to screen shot your location while using our app to easily find your unit the next day.

HL Ed Winner




Mud and Trail Riders Welcome!