IMG_0128On January 14, 2017, High Lifter held its annual ride benefiting Shriners Hospital for Children. Originally planned for December 3rd, the event had to be postponed due to severe weather on that day. This year, over $14,000 and a trailer full of new toys were donated by the almost 1,000 riders and families who attended. Polaris Industries donated a 2017 Polaris RZR 170 to be raffled off for the purpose of promoting attendance at the ride and to assist in fund raising for the hospital. The RZR 170 was won by Christopher West from Texas who could hardly contain himself after having his ticket drawn. It was a lot of fun to be there and to know that a lot of youngsters will be helped by the hospital and that this event provided a small part of the resources necessary for that help.

2016-single-raffle-ticketThere was also a “Show N Shine” competition, in addition to the trail riding. The weather was fabulous and I am sure everyone in attendance had a great time. Of importance to know is that we have a partner in this event, that being the local Applebee’s Restaurants which have participated in the event for the last 9 years. Applebee’s not only sells raffle tickets, they provide all the concessions at the event with all proceeds received going to the hospital.

Chistopher WestI would like to give sincere thanks to Polaris Industries, whose support and donation of the RZR 170 contributed greatly to the success of this event. This note of thanks would be incomplete without a little story about the hospital and how we became really interested in helping them. Some years ago, Scott’s son was born in Shreveport with a serious disability from a malformed ankle. As he grew and developed walking and running difficulties, we heard of the wonderful work by the Shriners. Hospital personnel were most gracious in their reception and in due course surgery was performed that completely repaired the problem. The cost for this surgery and the follow-ups since then, have been ZERO. Some years later, High Lifter was contacted by the parent of another Shriner’s patient who is also an avid ATV enthusiast. He asked if High Lifter would be interested in partnering with his employer at the time, Applebee’s Restaurant, and put on an ATV riding event where 100% of proceeds went directly to the hospital. Since that time we have attempted to return the favors and the wonderful services received by holding an annual ATV ride for the Shriners Hospital and donating the funds and all the toys we could gather to them. The staff of the Shriners Hospital is certainly one of the most selfless groups you could ever meet. Should you have a little room in your charitable budget, we know you would be proud and blessed to be on our collective team.

I would like to thank all of you who came and supported our efforts to the Shriners Hospital and to Polaris Industries, who an awesome RZR 170 to lead the contributions forward. We hope to see you again soon and certainly out there on the trail.

Mike Smith
Retired General Manager
For High Lifter Products Inc.

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