Get lucky at High Lifter Proving Grounds on March 17th from 9am-7pm for our First Annual St. Patrick’s Day Ride! We have over $850 in prizes to give away! Prizes include Proving Grounds Park Passes, a set of Gator Waders, gift certificates to BCR Wheels & High Lifter, plus tickets to High Lifter Mud Nationals!! Scavenger hunt starts at 1pm and continues until 7pm. (Please note: Any shamrocks found before 1pm will be voided.)

There will be 🍀shamrocks🍀 hidden all over the park that will say what prize you won. To claim your prize, you must redeem the shamrock in our store located at the front gate. Don’t forget to download our park app before the ride. The app includes an interactive trail map that will come in handy on St. Patrick’s Day! We can’t wait to see what you win!!


Mud and Trail Riders Welcome!